Too Much To Dream : The Original Group Recordings - The Electric Prunes (2007)

Left to right : Ken Williams, James Lowe, Mark Tulin, 'Weasel' Spagnola; Quint

Review by AMG

The Electric Prunes' self-titled debut (with "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)" and "Get Me to the World on Time" acting as a subtitle on the front sleeve, though not on the LP spine) was an interesting but way-erratic psychedelic album. The two aforementioned hits led off sides one and two respectively, and were easily the highlights of a set that boasted continuously imaginative production, but inconsistent songwriting. There were some tracks that proved the group were more than two-hit wonders. The group original "Train for Tomorrow," for instance, had the edgy melody and atmosphere typical of several Tucker-Mantz compositions of the time, unexpectedly ending with a jazz guitar coda; the nutty "Sold to the Highest Bidder" boasted a futuristic sped-up guitar that sounded like a berserk balalaika; and "Try Me on for Size" was a psych-punked-out Paul Revere & the Raiders. On the downside, there were some positively frightful quasi-psychedelic vaudevillian fairytale tunes; it is hard to believe the same songwriting team that gifted us with "Get Me to the World on Time" was also responsible for "Tunerville Trolley" and "About a Quarter to Nine." Part of the problem was that the group's identity was so subject to the material and production bestowed upon them by outside songwriter and producers, as the band themselves wrote only two of the tracks. There's about two-thirds of a good album here, though, chock-full of intriguing and sometimes wacky reverberation and guitar effects. -- Richie Unterberger, All-Music Guide

Insert Cover of 'I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)' LP
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Disc 1

1. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

2. Bangles

3. Onie

4. Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoy It Less)

5. Train For Tomorrow

6. Sold To The Highest Bidder

7. Get Me To The World On Time

8. About Quarter To Nine

9. The King Is In the Counting House

10. Luvin'

11. Try Me On For Size

12. The Toonerville Trolley

13. Ain't It Hard

14. Little Olive

15. World Of Darkness (Outtake)#

16. I've Gotta A Way Of My Own (Outtake)#

17. Luvin' (Single/Mono Version)#

18. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Single/Mono Version)#

19. Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoy It Less) (Mono Version)#

20. Get Me To The World On Time (Mono Version)#

21. HIDDEN TRACK: Vox Wah Wah Pedal Radio Spot#

Side 2

1. The Great Banana Hoax

2. Children Of the Rain

3. Wind-Up Toys

4. Antique Doll

5. It's Not Fair

6. I Happen To Love You

7. Dr Do-Good

8. I

9. Hideaway

10. Big City

11. Captain Glory

12. Long Day's Flight

13. Everybody Knows (You're Not It Love)

14. You've Never Had It Better

15. Shadows

16. Dr Do-Good (Mono Version)#

17. Hideaway (Mono Version)#

18. Wind-Up Toys (Mono Version)#

19. The Great Banana Hoax (Alternate Version)**#

20. Long Day's Flight (Mono Version)**#


James Lowe - Vocal, Rhythm Guitar, Autoharp and Tambourine (All vocal solos except 'Onie' and 'Are You Lovin' Me More')
Mark Tulin - Bass Guitar, Piano and Organ
Ken Williams - Lead Guitar
'Weasel' Spagnola - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals (Solos : 'Onie' and 'Are You Lovin' Me More')
Preston Ritter - Drums and Percussion

Produced by : Dave Hassinger

Arranged by : The Electric Prunes

Recorded at : American Recording Company, Power House, No. Hollywood, California

Chief Electrical Engineer : Richie Podolor

Assistant Electrician : Bill Cooper

Initial Spark : Barbara Harris

Cover Photo : Jane McCowan Asc., Inc.

Painting : Stan Leong

Art Direction : Ed Thrasher

String and Brass Arrangements : Perry Botkin, Jr.