The Electric Prunes
Lost Dreams LP - A Message from The Electric Prunes!

'Lost Dreams' LP Cover

Lost Dreams - The Electric Prunes (2001)
No. Song
1 Shadows
2 Ain't It Hard
3 Little Olive
4 I Had Too MuchTo Dream (Last Night)
5 I've Got A Way Of My Own
6 Luvin'
7 I Happen To Love You
8 Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less)
9 Hideaway
10 Try Me On For Size
11 Great Banana Hoax
12 You Never Had It Better
13 Dr. Do-Good
14 Get Me To The World On Time
15 Captain Glory
16 World Of Darkness
17 Train For Tomorrow
18 Big City
19 Wind-up Toys
20 It's Not Fair
21 Sold To The Highest Bidder
22 Everybody Knows You're Not In Love
23 Long Day's Flight
24 Vox Radio Advert


Well, just when you thought it was safe to come out of the comes another Electric Prunes release!

This is THE one!

Four years ago David Katznelson got in touch with us and asked if we would like to remix our old stuff and create a compilation album that reflected the past works of the band. At that time this was to be a Reprise project. We (Mark and I) went into Penguin studios with Bill Inglot and David and went through the original 4 track tapes and remixed (analog, of course) almost all the stuff. There are 3 tracks that appear on this compilation that have never been released. We also got a good laugh from some banter between Dave Hassinger and the band during the recording sessions.

The Reprise thing dragged on and on and I promised everyone it was coming out time after time. I felt like an idiot when each release date came and went. I apologize to everyone for my eagerbeaverism. I had forgotten how the record business worked! Tell 'em anything.......maybe they'll stop calling. David Katznelson was convinced this collection should come out and was undaunted by the delays. Three cover art variations, a switch to Birdman Records, and four years later the project is ACTUALLY coming out!

While the band appreciated the Rhino Collectors Choice releases of the first three albums this summer, the mixes and recording levels were not what the record buyer deserved. Much of the material on those three albums is not reflective of the original band. I'm sure David Axelrod was not pleased with the "invasion" of the "new and improved Electric Prunes "Flowing Smoothly, Wade" on his fine concept album Mass in F minor. Insensitive, perhaps. Well this is the stuff of corporations and record companies that don't understand the music; they see "units" and sales figures.

Birdman's LOST DREAMS release is quite different. This is our definitive compilation album, reflective of the work we did, released by people that know this type of music, in an imaginative package with a great Gered Mankowitz cover! Not to mention the true story of the band as seen through the liner notes of music critic Don Waller. We suggest you check it out.

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