The Collectors
Unreleased Songs by The Collectors

Ticket for The Collectors concert at the Fillmore Auditorium - 25th-27th April 1968

~ 'Whole Tone Poem' - referenced in the 2nd May 1969 edition of Poppin magazine.

~ 'Apple Truck Swamper' - referenced in the 2nd May 1969 edition of Poppin magazine. This song written by Bill Henderson was recorded by Tim Rose & appears on the 'Through Rose Coloured Glasses' CD which includes his recordings from 1967 & 1969.

~ 'Feathers & Wax' - referenced in the 2nd May 1969 edition of Poppin magazine. An acetate of 'Feathers & Wax' still exists which shows the song was recorded in 1966 by The Collectors who were also known as The Torch Group.

An unreleased acetate of 'Feathers & Wax' by The Collectors recorded at Robin Spurgin's studio
(Courtesy : Jamie Anstey)

~ 'The Bandit' - referenced in the April & May 1969 editions of Poppin magazine. Initially pencilled in by Warners Bros as the follow-up to Lydia Purple, The Bandit was due to be released in November 1968. The timetable then slipped to Spring 1969. In the end, 'Early Morning' from 'Grass & Wild Strawberries' was released as a single in 1969 & to this date, 'The Bandit' has never been released and must be still in the Warner Bros vaults.

~ 'Uncle Wiggley' - referenced in the 2nd May 1969 edition of Poppin magazine. A recording of Uncle Wiggly from a CBC radio show was released on the unofficial 'U-Spaces Psychedelic Archaeology Volume 4'. 'Uncle Wiggley' was released by Howie Vickers in 1971 on the MCA record label as the B-side to 'Come Away Melinda'.

Howie Vickers's 1971 release of Uncle Wiggley

~ 'Ring The Wrong Bells' - a recording of Ring The Wrong Bells from a CBC radio show was released on the 'unofficial' U-Spaces Psychedelic Archaeology Volume 4.

~ 'La Muria' - a song played live by The Collectors and reference in the April 1969 edition of Poppin. It is unlikely that 'La Muria' was ever recorded in the studio.

~ 'No Name Ballad' - referenced in the This Is Happening No. 5 edition.

~ On CBS's 'Let's Go - Music' in 1967/68, The Collectors got to lip-sync six songs which were recorded prior to transmission. These songs were 'Ring The Wrong Bells', 'Uncle Wiggley', 'Feathers & Wax' (also called 'Fly Too High'), 'Fat Bird', 'Curse of the Universe' & 'Adanac'.

~ 'Everyone Say' - a song that was recorded but not released as a single or an album track. The song was incorrectly titled 'Everyone Says' by the recording engineer on the tape box.

~ 'Everytime I Think I've Got It All Worked Out, It Turns Out That I'm Lying' - referenced in an article by Hank Zevllos in the Summer 1969 edition of Poppin magazine. The song was played at the Zonk concert that Hank attended. It is not known whether this song was ever recorded.

~ Untitled track - Rob Frith from Neptoon Records has an actetate of a song about a white duck and the Hollywood Freeway. The likely date of this recording is 1967.

An unreleased acetate by The Collectors
(Courtesy : Rob Frith)

Recording Sessions

Recording dates for The Collectors for the summer of 1967 taken from Robin Spurgin's studio log books (courtesy : Jamie Anstey) with exact wording as written in the book. What was being recorded is currently unknown. There are more session entries for the fall and through 1968 to 1970. The following sessions are only from the summer of 1967 with NSR = New Syndrome Records.

July 24- COLLECTORS 1PM NSR - 4 1/2 Hrs KAGNA Trx. 2:30-6PM
July 25- COLLECTORS Kagna Trx 11AM-2:00PM.
July 26- COLLECTORS NSR 11 Hrs total, Kagna. 3-5:00 Collectors Self.
July 27- 11-12:00-COLLECTORS Self. 12:30-2:30-COLLECTORS Self. 5-6PM-COLLECTORS
July 28- COLLECTORS Self. 2:00-3:30-R.B. O/D 3:30-5:30-COLLECTORS Self (Noise etc!)
July 29-1-5PM-COLLECTORS Self + 1/2 hr Dub down
July 31- COLLECTORS Self 11AM-5:30PM
Aug 7- 11am Kagna O/D THE COLLECTORS tunes.
Aug 9- 12:00PM-6:15PM-COLLECTORS Dubs
Aug 14- Studio. Collectors 2PM [crossed out]
Aug 25- 12-4PM COLLECTORS Dubs.