The Electric Prunes
Concerts & Performances - 1969

January 10th, 1969

Venue : Exhibition Building, State Fairgrounds, Phoenix, USA

Other Acts : The Turtles, Sir Douglas Quintet

Reported in : Arizona Republic, January 11th, 1969

March 14th, 1969

Venue : The Fig, 333 South La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, USA

Other Acts : Illinois Speed Press; Fury; Southwind

Above : Handbill from the above concert

March 17th, 1969

Venue : Kolping Grove, Winton and Compton Roads, Cincinnati, USA

Other Acts : Ivan and the Sabers

Above : Handbill from the above concert

March 22nd, 1969

Venue : Valley Music Theater, Woodland Hills (CA), USA

Other Acts : The Novells and Concrete Life

Advertised in : Valley News and Green Sheet, March 21st, 1969

April 3rd - April 4th, 1969

Venue : Pusi-Kat Club, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Other Acts : The Water Brothers

Advertised in : San Antonio Express, April 2nd, 1969

Advertised in : San Antonio Express, April 3rd, 1969

June 6th, 1969

Venue : Arizona Pop Festival, Pilot's Tempe Stadium, USA

Other Acts : Grass Roots; Strawberry Alarm Clock; Pulse and Wahler

Advertised in : Arizona Republic, June 6th, 1969

June 25th, 1969

Venue : Playland Park, Russels Point on Indian Lake, Lima, Ohio, USA

Other Acts : Idnirvana

Advertised in : Lima News, June 19th, 1969


Above : Adverts for the above concert at Mildreds Electric Malt Shoppe in Lima News on 18th June 1969 (left) and 25th June 1969 (right)

July 11th, 1969

Venue : Traverse City Fairgrounds, Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Other Acts : SRC; Red, White & Blues Band; Plain Brown Wrapper; Sunday Funnies

Advertised in : Traverse City Record Eagle, July 12th, 1969

July 24th, 1969

Venue : Club Ponytail, Pleasantview Road, Harbor Springs, Michigan, USA

Other Acts : The April Smile

Newspaper article featuring The Electric Prunes on stage at Club Ponytail in July 1969

July 26th, 1969

Venue : Wampler's Lake Pavillion, Irish Hills, Michigan, USA

Other Acts : The Blade

July 31st, 1969

Venue : The Reservation, Pontiac, Illinois, USA

Advertised in : Pontiac Daily Leader, July 30th, 1969

August 2nd, 1969

Venue : Guest appearence on the 'Scene Seventy' where the 'Good Old Rock and Roll' line-up of The Electric Prunes that Dave Hassinger assembled after all the original members left performed 'Sell' and 'Tracks'

September 18th, 1969

Venue : Guest appearence on Cyd Charisse's 'Something Special Show'

Advert for the Cyd Charisse Show in the Albuquerque Tribune, 16th April 1970

Opening title for The Electric Prunes performing on Cyd Charisse's 'Something Special Show'

Producers : Jackie Barnett (Dawn Prod.), Jerry Franks
Director / Choreographer : Tony Charmoli

The Electric Prunes performing 'Women, Ladies, Girls, Chicks' on Cyd Charisse's 'Something Special Show'

Despite being recorded in 1967 by the original band line-up, this show was actually aired in 1969. The band are introduced by special guests the Sid and Marty Krofft Puppets and Cyd Charisse. They lip synced their singles first and then performed with some dancers. The singles they performed were 'Get Me To The World On Time', 'I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)', 'The King Is In The Counting House' and 'Are You Lovin Me More (But Enjoying It Less)'. They finally performed a track which has never been released entitled 'Women, Ladies, Girls, Chicks' which included some spoken word poetry interludes by James Lowe.


The Electric Prunes performing on Cyd Charisse's 'Something Special Show'
which was recorded in 1967 but aired in 1969

October 24th, 1969

Venue : M.S.U. Fieldhouse, Bozeman, Montana, USA

Advertised in : Montana Standard, October 20th, 1969

October 25th, 1969

Venue : 2032 Grand, Billings, Montana, USA

Other Acts : The Explorations of Rip and Mike Root

Advertised in : Billings Gazette, October 24th, 1969

October 31st, 1969

Venue : The Den, Michigan, USA