I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) & Underground - The Electric Prunes (1997)

'I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)' & 'Underground' CD Cover

Background Information

This CD was released by the Head label. The packaging is quite neat where both album covers are merged together on the front but the audio is not CD quality and at the end of each track it sounds as if the CD was recorded from the vinyl albums. Despite the audio quality, it is still a must for any Prune fan!

Review by AMG

This, as much as Edsel's best-of compilation, should be the centerpiece of any Electric Prunes collection, combining their first two LPs onto one CD. I Had Too Much To Dream was a strong beginning, presenting both the band's pop-psychedelia and garage-punk sides. In addition to the title tune and "Get Me to the World On Time", that album was highlighted by "Onie", an unexpectedly sweet love song of the era (reminiscent of the Velvet Underground's "There She Goes Again"), the electric mandolin-driven "Sold to the Highest Bidder", the punk-edged "Luvin'", and the bluesy "Try Me On for Size". Some of the other songs haven't held up nearly as well -- "About a Quarter to Nine" could have been a Davy Jones-Monkees track, and "The King Is In the Counting House" and "The Toonerville Trolley" are silly psychedelia. The complete Underground is the real virtue of this disc -- "The Great Banana Hoax" is a powerful, snarling, fuzz-laden garage-punk masterpiece that even gives a nod to the Beatles' "A Day In the Life", and heralds the high point of the group's studio history. "Children of Rain" is one of a handful of psychedelic tunes to feature an electric autoharp, and it makes a special addition to a pretty fair song with a great beat; the Goffin-King "I Happen to Love You" could pass for a great lost Mike Nesmith-Monkees cosmic country song, and the rest of the songs, leading up to the punk concert favorite "Long Day's Flight", is filled with guitar sounds that shimmer and crunch. (European import) -- Bruce Eder, All-Music Guide

Reverse Cover of 'I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) / Underground' CD


1. I Had Too Much Too Dream Last Night (Tucker / Mantz) 2.55

2. Bangles (J. Walsh) 2.27

3. Onie (Tucker / Mantz) 2.43

4. Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less) (Tucker / Mantz) 2.21

5. Train For Tomorrow (Lowe / Tulin / Williams / Spagnola / Ritter) 3.00

6. Sold To The Highest Bidder (Tucker / Mantz) 2.16

7. Get Me To The World On Time (Tucker / Jones) 2.30

8. About A Quarter To Nine (Dubin / Warren) 2.07

9. The King Is In The Counting House (Tucker / Mantz) 2.00

10. Luvin' (Lowe / Tulin) 2.03

11. Try Me On For Size (Tucker / Jones) 2.19

12. The Toonerville Trolley (Tucker / Mantz) 2.34

13. The Great Banana Hoax (Lowe / Tulin) 3.05

14. Children Of Rain (Williams / Williams) 2.30

15. Wind-Up Toys (Lowe / Tulin) 2.27

16. Antique Doll (Tucker / Mantz) 3.10

17. It's Not Fair (Lowe / Tulin) 2.00

18. I Happen To Love You (Goffin / King) 3.12

19. Dr. Do-Good (Tucker / Mantz) 2.27

20. I (Tucker / Mantz) 5.10

21. Hideaway (Lowe / Tulin) 2.37

22. Big City (J. Walsh / D. Walsh) 2.45

23. Capt. Glory (J. Lowe) 2.11

24. Long Day's Flight (Weakley / Yorty) 3.09


James Lowe - Vocals, Autoharp & Harmonica
Mark Tulin - Bass, Organ & Piano
Ken Williams - Lead Guitar & Effects
'Weasel' Spangola / Mike Gannon - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar (See Note 1)
Preston Ritter / Quint - Drums (See Note 2)

Note 1

Near the end of recording 'Underground', Weasel Spagnola left the band due to medical reasons and was replaced by Mike Gannon, although Spagnola was still credited on the album cover with photo and name. Gannon joined just in time to only record two songs - 'Long Day's Flight' and 'The Great Banana Hoax'.

Note 2

Preston Ritter left during the recording of 'Undergound' due to musical differences. He was offered the choice between being credited on the album cover with photo / name or have royalties from the album sales. He choose the royalties. Unfortunately, he got no album credits or royalties!!!

Preston Ritter's replacement, Quint, actually only played on five tracks on the albums - 'Children of Rain', 'Antique Doll', 'I', 'Captain Glory' and 'Long Day's Flight'.

Produced by : Dave Hassinger

Arranged by : The Electric Prunes