The Electric Prunes
Film Music

The following is a list of films where The Electric Prunes music have known to be included. Click on the links for further information on the films from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) web site :

Promotional Poster for 'The Name of the Game is Kill' Film

The Name of the Game is Kill (aka The Female Trap) - 1968. This little known film includes the rare 'Shadows' promo. It sounds as if the song was originally intended for The Doors. The one-sided promo single is now horrendously rare and a very collectable piece for any Prune fan. It will hopeful (if rumours are correct!) turn up on the forthcoming Electric Prunes compilation album codenamed 'Lost Dreams'.

Jack Lord as Symcha Lipa in 'The Name of the Game is Kill'

Le Voleur de Crimes -1968. A French film directed by Nadine Trintignant and starring her husband Jean-Louis Trintignant which included various songs from the 'Mass in F Minor' LP.


Posters promoting the film 'Easy Rider'

Easy Rider - 1969. The opening track of the 'Mass in F Minor' LP - 'Kyrie Eleison' - is widely known and backed the acid trip scene in the movie and is included on the film soundtrack.