The Electric Prunes
Biography - Part 8

ALL OVER BUT....... (1970 - 1998)

Although the end had finally arrived in 1970, history couldn't allow a quality band like the Prunes to slip into obscurity!

Like many of the bands from the late 60s, the music of the Prunes was forgotten but only briefly - thankfully! Their resurgance began with the inclusion of 'I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)' on Lenny Kaye's 'Nuggets' compilations series of the early 70s.

In Europe, the 1970s and 1980s saw many re-releases of the Electric Prunes LPs.

There was a release of 'Mass in F Minor' in 1974 in the U.K. on the Midi label as part of the 'Original Rock Classics' budget series. This was the first time this LP had been released in the U.K. in stereo as the original release in 1968 had only been in mono.

'Mass in F Minor' released on the Midi label as part of the Rock Classics budget series in 1974

Additionally, there was a German release of the 'I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night' LP in 1982.

1986 was an important year in terms of Electric Prunes material being released. First, both 'Underground' and 'Release of an Oath' were re-released by Reprise as Greek imports. But more importantly, a small label in the U.K. called Edsel released what was essentially a greatest hits LP - 'Long Days Flight'. This LP not only included the finest tracks from the first two LPs ('I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)' and 'Undergound') but it included the first ever Prunes single - 'Ain't It Hard / Little Olive' and the non-album track 'You Never Had It Better'. 'Long Days Flight' became the first Electric Prunes LP to be issued on the CD format in 1989.

'Long Day's Flight' LP released on the Edsel label in the UK in 1986

Again, Germany seems to carry on their love affair with the Electric Prunes. 'Mass in F Minor' was released on CD in 1990 by Line Records on its Linea label. This has been followed by all the other Electric Prunes LPs being available on the CD format in the 1997 as double re-issues on the Head label - 'I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)' with 'Undergound' and 'Release of an Oath' with 'Just Good Old Rock and Roll'.


The Electric Prunes 2-on-1 CDs released by the European Head label in 1997

Since Reprise Records don't seem interested in releasing any Electric Prunes material, it has been left to independent record labels to champion the cause for The Electric Prunes. The CDs released on the Head label are bootlegs, despite the audio quality being very good. This means that none of the band memebers receive any royalties for their contribution to musical history.

Similarly, the Gone Beat label (from Isreal!) released 'The Singles' CD in 1995 featuring every single A and B side from 1966 to 1969 by both the original and new Electric Prunes. This CD (along with the 'Long Day's Flight' LP / CD) was the nearest thing to an Electric Prunes Greatest Hits LP, that is, until the 'Lost Dreams' CD was released.

'The Singles' CD released on the Gone Beat label

As previously discussed, the current resurgance in the Electric Prunes has been fuelled by the release of the 'Stockholm '67' LP by a little label in the U.K. called Heartbeat Productions owned by long-time Electric Prunes fan Simon Edwards. This release was sanctioned by Reprise after years of legal debates.

'Stockholm 67' CD released on the Heartbeat Productions label

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