The Electric Prunes
Mike Gannon

Mike Gannon on guitar on the left of the picture with the Nomads

Before Mike joined the Electric Prunes at the tailend of 1967, he was in a band called the Nomads with drummer Joe Dooley who was to join the Prunes in early 1968 on Mike's recommendation.

The Nomads with Joe Dooley on drums, John Miller on bass, Mike Gannon on guitar and Butch Stoner on vocals

The Electric Prunes in London during their European Tour - December 1967
From left to right : Mark Tulin, Quint, Mike Gannon, James Lowe
Seated : Ken Williams

Very little is known about Mike Gannon's time in The Electric Prunes, so I asked Mark Tulin a little bit of information about him and this is his response :

As far as Mike Gannon goes, Mike was brought into the band a little before the European tour. As I remember it, he was not going to participate in any royalities, but for all other intents and puposes, he was thought of as a full member. His guitar playing style added a new dimension to our material, some of which is heard on the European Tour album.

James and Mike at Lax Airport due to leave for their European Tour in 1967

Mike and Ken did a fair amout of harmony/double lead work and it seemed a great fit. He also helped in person on some background vocals.

Mike is next to Mark and holding a sword - picture from the Gered Mankowitz photoshoot in December 1967 in London

After leaving the Prunes, Mike formed a band called Babyfood. Mike was on vocals and guitar with Joe Dooley on drums and John Miller on bass. Mike had played with Joe and John in the Nomads. Babyfood did manage to record a few songs which included 'They Don't Mind It' and 'Funny Caroline' with James Lowe involved in the engineering and production of the recordings.

Babyfood with Joe Dooley, Mike Gannon and John Miller

Mike had to join the navy in the latter part of 1969 which saw the end of Babyfood. Unfortunately, Mike died in Hawaii while on R&R after a tour of duty in Vietnam in the early 70s.The European Tour album is dedicated to him.