Rarities - The Electric Prunes (1981)

Cover of the collectors edition pink vinyl of 'Rarities' LP

Back - left to right : Ken Williams; James Lowe; Mark Tulin
Front : James 'Weasel' Spagnola; Preston Ritter

Background Information

This LP is a bootleg of the Stockholm concert recorded 14th December 1967 (tracks 1 -4) and the Vox Wah-Wah commercial (track 5) with Count 5 on the other side. The bootleg was produced by Clarence White and released on the Great Live Concerts (GLC) record label. The record came in a white card sleeve with the picture of the Electric Prunes pasted on one side and Count 5 on the other.


1. I Had Too Much Too Dream Last Night (Tucker / Mantz) 2.55

2. I Happen To Love You (Goffin / King) 3.12

3. Go My Mojo Working (Preston Foster)

4. Long Day's Flight (Weakley / Yorty) 3.09

5. Vox Wah-Wah Peddle - Click here to hear the advert!


Tracks 1 - 4 - Stockholm Concert (December 1967)

James Lowe - Lead Vocals
Mark Tulin - Bass, Organ & Backing Vocals
Ken Williams - Lead Guitar
Mike Gannon - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Quint - Drums

Track 5 - Vox Wah-Wah commercial

James Lowe - Vocal, Rhythm Guitar, Autoharp and Tambourine
Mark Tulin - Bass Guitar, Piano and Organ
Ken Williams - Lead Guitar
'Weasel' Spagnola - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Preston Ritter - Drums and Percussion

Another Stockholm Concert Bootleg (14th December 1967)

Prune Records issued a four-track 7" vinyl, 4 song EP with no release date but looks like a 1990s issue.

Cover of a 1990s bootleg of the Stockholm concert in December 1967


1. You Never Had It Better (P. Snagster / R. Schwartz / S. Poncher)

2. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Tucker / Mantz)

3. I Happen To Love You (Goffin / King) 3.12

4. Long Day's Flight (Weakley / Yorty) 3.09