The Complete Reprise Singles
- The Electric Prunes (2012)

Back : Quint; Ken Williams
Front : Mike Gannon; James Lowe; Mark Tulin

Review from Real Gone Music

Though the Electric Prunes were responsible for some of the boldest and most experimental pop of the late 60s, they always were, more than just about any band of their ilk, a singles-oriented act, at least in their earliest incarnation. In fact, according to vocalist James Lowe, the engineers at American Recording, where many of their early singles were recorded, used to transmit the single mixes to a radio in a car parked outside the studio to make sure the songs sounded good in the medium through which most people would hear them. As a result, the Prunes singles were punchier than their album counterparts, and were, above all, mono - yet to date, no legitimate collection has ever compiled these singles, many of which have never been on CD in their original mix. Now, for the first time, Real Gone Music has assembled all 23 of their original single sides for Reprise, which span several band line-ups and several legendary producers (Dave Hassinger, David Axelrod) with very different visions, yet remain of remarkably consistent high quality. Richie Unterberger's notes include track commentary from the band and shots of the original singles themselves. Special bonus: the band's demonstration of the Vox Wah-Wah Pedal!

Reverse Cover of 'The Complete Reprise Singles' on the Real Gone Music label


1. Ain't It Hard

2. Little Olive

3. I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)

4. Luvin'

5. Get Me to the World on Time

6. Are You Lovin' Me More

7. Dr. Do-Good

8. Hideaway

9. The Great Banana Hoax

10. Wind-Up Toys

11. Everybody Knows You're Not in Love

12. You've Never Had It Better

13. Sanctus

14. Credo

15. Shadows

16. Help us (Our Father, Our King)

17. The Adoration

18. Hey, Mr. President

19. Flowing Smoothly

20. Violent Rose

21. Sell

22. Love Grows

23. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

24. Vox Wah-Wah Foot Pedal