Then Came The Electric Prunes
- The Sanctions / Jim and the Lords (2000)

'Then Came The Electric Prunes' LP Cover

Background Information

This vinyl LP and CD was released by Simon Edwards of Heartbeat Productions in July 2000, who also responsible for the release of the fantastic Stockholm '67 LP. This is a must for any Prune fan who wants to hear them before they became the Electric Prunes!

Review in "Fuzz, Acid And Flowers"

35 years on.... and Heartbeat has come up with more Prunes rarities. 'Then Came The Electric Prunes' unearths pre-Prunes Audiodisc acetates recorded chez Russ Bottomley - 12 tracks from 27th March 1965 by The Sanctions (James Lowe, Ken Williams, Mark Tulin and Mike Weakley) and 4 tracks from 29th September 1965 by Jim And The Lords (with Dave Hargrave added to the previous line-up).

The Sanctions' sound is of a garage band with surf roots performing popular covers including 'Long Tall Sally', 'Money', 'Moon Dog', 'Love Potion Number Nine', 'What'd I Say', 'Jack The Ripper' and of course 'Louie Louie'.

On the Jim and The Lords tracks - 'Little Olive', 'I'm Free', 'I'm Down' and 'Too Many People' - the surf influences are replaced by raw harmonica and a raucous punk style ala Stones and Seeds. A folk-rock lilt on 'I'm Free' marks another development since the March sessions.

The sound quality is surprisingly good considering the source. With previously unseen photos this is a must-have for any Prunes fan. -- Vernon Joynson / Max Waller

Reverse Cover of 'Then Came The Electric Prunes' CD

Songs - The Sanctions (27th March 1965)

1. Boys

2. Long Tall Sally

3. Moon Dog

4. Somethin' Got A Hold On Me

5. Money

6. Love Potion Number Nine

7. Jack The Ripper

8. New Orleans

9. What I Say

10. Chicago

11. You Can Help Yourself

12. Louie Louie

Songs - Jim and the Lords (29th September 1965)

1. Little (Li'l) Olive

2. I'm Free

3. I'm Down

4. Too Many People

Personnel - The Sanctions

James Lowe - Vocals
Mark Tulin - Bass
Ken Williams - Guitar
Dick Hargrave - Organ (subsequent to these recordings)
Mike Weakley (aka Quint) - Drums

Personnel - Jim and the Lords

James Lowe - Vocals
Mark Tulin - Bass
Ken Williams - Guitar
Dick Hargrave - Organ
Mike Weakley (aka Quint) - Drums

Inside Cover of 'Then Came The Electric Prunes' CD


The quality of the recording contained on this album cannot be described as 'hi-fi' : more an exercise in salvaging what was audibly acceptable from sadly decaying direct-to-disc acetates, that had been loosely stored for well over thirty years in an outbuilding somehwere in the mountains of California.

These recording, rough as they are, represent all that is available to give some idea of the sound of the formative years of the band that became known as The Electric Prunes. Beginning by practicising a few days a week in the Tulin family garage with a predominately surf-based repertoire. The Sanctions clearly developed fast, as there is a notable change happening only a few months later with the Jim and the Lords tracks here. In fact those tracks must be pretty close to what was happening in the Tulin family garage in 1966 the day Barbara Harris walked by, liked what she heard, and started the chain of events that led to the band being signed, changing their name, developing further, and becoming The Electric Prunes.

Both sessions recorded live direct-to-disc by Russ Bottomley, at his place, Woodland Hills, CA.

Sound renovation and mastering by Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters.

Sleeve by Zebedee Design.

Album's Originator : Simon Edwards

© Heartbeat Productions, 407 Fishponds Road, Bristol, BS5 6RJ, U.K.