Interview With Stu Phillips
Composer of 'Shadows'

The following is an interview with Stu Phillips conducted via email in September 2010. Click here to visit Stu's website.

1. You started composing television and film scores back in 1958. How did you get into this business in the first place?

Much to long a story for a short interview. Most of various parts of the music business i sort of fell into by accident.

2. The Electric Prunes recorded a fantastic song written by yourself called 'Shadows'. Can you please give some background to the song and the inspiration for writing such a classic.

First off, there was a co-writer on that song named Mike Gordon. We had to provide some music for the actress to dance to. We figured that the song should reflect some of what the movie and the character was all about. A complete version of the song is in one of my soundtrack CDs called "Stu Phillips - Three Scores." It contains the complete score to Notgik and is available at Kritzerland Records or any of the other online soundtrack sites.

3. Do you remember when the song was actually recorded and at which studios?

I cannot remember when or where the song was recorded. But my best guess would be at TTG Studios which was in Hollywood. That's where we recorded the score.

4. The song 'Shadows' was credited to yourself and another person called Mike Gordon. Who was Mike Gordon and did you write any other material with him?

Mike Gordon, I believe, was somehow involved with the group and it was his choice to try and get the Electric Prunes to record the song.

5. The song 'Shadows' by the Electric Prunes was featured in the film 'The Name of the Game is Kill' which starred Jack Lord and Susan Strasberg. How did you end up writing the song and getting it included in the film?

I think that I have already answered this question in question 2.

6. Was the song originally written for the Electric Prunes or another band (the Doors have previously been mentioned)?

As I said above, Mike was the one who chose the Electric Prunes.

7. Do you remember how the Electric Prunes finally ended up recording the song and how did they get to hear the song originally?

I really don't remember.

8. The film 'The Name of The Game is Kill' was made by Fanfare Productions which was owned by Joe Soloman. Was it Joe Soloman who arranged for the Electric Prunes to record the song for the film?

No! As I stated above, it was Mike Gordon who arranged for the Prunes to do the song. (However, I'm sure that Joe Solomon had to negotiate the deal.)

9. {You might not know the answer to this one} I believe that Fanfare Productions was finally bought out in 1970 by a company called International Management Combine which was co-owned by Lenny Poncher who was the Electric Prunes manager in the late '60s. Was Lenny Poncher involved with the soundtrack to the film?

No! Nobody but myself was involved with the music in the film and that includes Joe Solomon.

10. Did you know that Reprise Records released 'Shadows' as a 1-sided promo single? The record is extremely rare and very valuable.

Yes! I was aware of that release. In fact I have a copy of it. How much is it worth?

11. You wrote the music for some very iconic and classic television programmes of the 1970s like Quincy, Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica. If you had to choose a favourite, which composition would you choose?

I think that BSG was my favorite.

12. Is there any other information that you would like to add to the interview?

Off hand...No.